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Video: Free musics, sound track for presentations (powerpoint)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Free musics:

Paid musics (Royalty-Free):

OSX: How to trim a AVCHD, AVCLite (MTS or M2TS) on Mac without loss (i.e. rewrap vs transcoding)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

It can be tricky, especially on Mac, to trim AVCHD videos (.MTS or .M2TS) without transcoding the videos. Most tools, such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, Apple Final Cut Pro, and most sharewares, will require to convert before trimming, which is a slow and loss-full process.

On Windows, Canon provides a tool to directly trim .M2TS files without any re-encoding. However, on Mac it is more tricky, and I had to do some digging and spend some $ to accomplish about the same thing.

After much research, I found a way with two softwares:

  1. ClipWrap ($50): This allow you to convert your .MTS to .MOV without any re-encoding (just a “rewrap” as it is called). In short, it’s super fast (almost as fast a coping the file), completely loss-less, and you can play the new .MOV file with Quicktime.
  2. MPEG Streamclip (fully free): This free software allow to open video files (.mov, .mp4), trim them, and just save them (without transcoding). Make sure to use the “Save As,” as the “Export…” will do the transcoding. I wish it would support AVCHD format so that we would not need ClipWrap.
Anyway, it interesting that despite the perception that Mac is more for Media friendly, such basic tasks require so much work (and research). Also, iMovie ’11 AVCHD support is very poor, as you cannot just drag and drop them in the tool and require an import (i.e. transcoding). Luckily, I am using Adobe Premiere CS5, which works seemlessly.
Hope this help. Feel free to add comment or email me if you have any comment or suggestion.